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sinotruk Howo intelligent muck dumping truck Fuzhou won 210 orders

            Recently, sinotruk sales in the Fuzhou area again won 210 new green truck Howo intelligent muck truck orders, so far, sinotruk howo, gaintel green intelligent muck truck this year in the Fuzhou area has a total sales of more than 900 units, the market share of more than 75%, made outstanding contributions to the construction of the new city of Fuzhou also, a complete period for 2017 New Year paintings.
           Sinotruk Howo truck has been characterized by its high stability, comfort, economy and intelligence, favored by the majority of users, at the beginning of this year, sinotruk  Sales Department of Fuzhou branch and Fujian Shun'an auto sales & Service Co., repeatedly visited the office of muck and local large muck company, made a detailed understanding of the situation of Transportation Intelligent government and large waste company, later in China's professional technology development center under the guidance of the intelligence (intelligent vehicle terminal equipment) with the successful docking of intelligent control platform for government, real-time monitoring of muck truck operations, and can receive the unified command of the platform, so that the sediment transport management in safe, orderly and controllable state, won the unanimous approval of the municipal administration departments and relevant units.
The system of intelligent vehicle terminal Howo truck driving device includes recorder, camera, sensor, real-time sensing, collecting muck car position, direction, speed and other information operations, including speeding, cross-border, unlicensed transportation and other related data. To achieve the remote control speed Howard truck (different road speed limit, different) top seal to walk, the designated route transport, designated dumping sites and other functions, to facilitate the government management of sediment transport vehicles, to avoid overloading, speeding, littering and other phenomena, with high efficiency, safety, green transportation, to further ensure the beautiful and uniform City, it has also become one of the reasons why Fuzhou municipal units repeated batch purchase of new intelligent muck truck Sinotruk howo.

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