DG956N Wheel loader

rated Power(Kw):162

dimension (L*W*H):8135*3026*3410

discharge height:3330mm

discharge distance:1230


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Adopt Weichai 2000rpm engine, large power output, low oil consumption, electric start, environmental protection, low noise, easy operation. 
Adopt Hangchi gearbox, with high traction and high efficiency. 
Dual pump interflowing hydraulic system by equipping priority unloading valve 
Bucket can low down flat, reducing operation work. 
Single pipe driving brake and extinguish brake make the operating of the loader more safe. 
The fuel tank is placed at the back of rear frame, the rear axle loaded is adjusted, the distribution of whole vehicle is more reasonable.


Major Specification 956N
engine model WD10G220E23 
rated Power(Kw) 162
rated speed(r/min) 2000
articulated steering angle(° ) 35
minum turning radius(mm) 7260/6584
maximum breakout force (Kn) 185
maximum traction force (Kn) 160
wheel base (mm) 3250
wheel track(mm) 2250
maximum climbing capacity(° ) 30
dimension (L*W*H) 8135*3026*3410
discharge height 3330
discharge distance 1230
operating speed(km/h) forward 2 backward 1
forward 1st 13
2nd  38
backard 1st 17
fuel capacity(L) 220
hydraulic time(s) 10.6
max travel speed (km/h) 38



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