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Sinotruk Howo emergency service on our way

Sinotruk Howo Irish overseas customer service and the third week, to work on Monday, is a vehicle factory processing problem, suddenly customers call: a Howo dump truck happened to black, can not work electric instrument phenomenon in the northwestern town of strokestown, the car stopped, in urgent need of rescue.

          Looking at the map, the town of strokestown is more than 160 kilometers away from the factory, and it is quite far away. I know that in Ireland, vehicle parking delay, customers will claim lost income, if long time vehicle outage, will also impact on the Sinotruk Howo products overseas brand image. So I did not hesitate to clean up the tools, fill up the fuel for the service vehicles, open the Google map, set the position, keep in touch with the customers, and rush to the parking lot all the way.
          In Ireland, the weather is changeable. On the road, for a while, it will be cloudy, clear for a while, and then foggy. Our careful driving service car, looking for a shortcut and shortening the mileage, finally reaches the quarry more than 300 miles away within 2 hours.

             Far see a Sinotruk Howo brand vehicles waiting there, waiting for the distant relatives. The striking pattern is just as good as it has already integrated into the local economic construction. The driver came, his anxious expression, and told us as much as he could, hoping that the vehicle would be good as soon as possible so that he could continue to work.
           Step on the vehicle, make trouble judgement, and quickly check the cause of the failure: check the insurance, connect to the computer, test the line, and lock it in the body computer CBCU within one minute. Replace the new CBCU and brush to write the program, start the vehicle, the instrument is normal, start normal, the vehicle can work normally. Looking at the smile of the driver, we had a long sigh of relief.
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