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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

         We are colleagues. We regard each other as family members. We live and work together. We think of each other and try our best to make money.
         Knowing each other and knowing each other well, the recent advent of Haohan N-series car has attracted attention in the industry. The Philippine representative office has also started to take action. Chief representative Wei Yisong went to Jining Commercial Vehicle to inspect and understand the model, understand the configuration, and at the same time, look for the highlights of promotion in the Philippine market.

        The market is developed, but also watered out with painstaking efforts. There is a saying, "Even if you abuse me thousands of times, I still regard you as first love." To treat customers, we are even more intimate than our girlfriends. This is the idea that "customer satisfaction is our purpose". Shopping malls such as battlefields, in the face of various market pressures, some customers will inevitably have some negative emotions. However, we are not only their garbage cans, but also their firefighters. A telephone can call from night to early morning, listen to their complaints, comfort them, and then solve their problems.
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