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Eurasian ministries carry out road shows overseas in 2018

       The Ministry of Asia and Europe actively responded to the Group Company's "100 Days of Major Work, Beyond Budget" labor competition and jointly organized a road show promotional activity in Pakistan in 2018 with local distributors. The road show activities mainly focused on major cities and major ports in Pakistan, as well as logistics and transportation centers. In order to expand its influence, propaganda was carried out in the local mainstream media at the beginning of the campaign.

       The first road show will be held from October 22 to 24. The first stop of the road show will be in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city and port city. The domestic season is approaching the cold autumn, but the local temperature is as high as 35 degrees, just like this event, the heat is not decreasing. The highlight of this road show is to join hands with the leading HOWO and H5B brands.
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